Dive and Snorkel

25% of all global reefs are situated in Indonesia and so you will find here the largest diversity of marine life: 3.500 different species are living here (by comparison: Australia's Great Barrier Reef has only 1.500 and the Red Sea 600 species).

Our reefs around the Gilis are reflecting this biodiversity and you are invited to discover this spectacular beauty with us.

Get charmed by colourful nudibranches, ghost-pipefish, frogfishes, moray eels, sharks, turtles and majestic manta-rays, if you are just snorkeling or try scuba for the very first time, beginner or advanced diver, we provide the right place for you.

nemo_600.jpgNudibranchSnorkel and Dive







We offer daily up to 5 dives, boat-trips by traditional outriggerboat (all equipped with First Aid and Oxygen) and with maximum 4 guests per guide.

For the early birds we start with our Early-Morning-Dive around 7.00 am, enjoy the first sunbeams on the quiet reef (only available for divers staying at Gili Trawangan or Gili Air).

At 9.30 am we continue with the next dive, followed by a lunch-break (try our restaurant for delicious food) and at 2.00 pm we will jump again.

If you want to discover the rare Mandarin-Fish, you have to accompany us on our Sunset-Dive around 5 pm, only at this time we can spot these shy fellows.

Not enough until now? Ok, go for our Night-Dive and never forget the different world and colors you will find at this time, even more spectacular with full moon (Full-Moon-Dive).

Shark Lionfish_600Sunset at Gili Trawangan






(Please mark: For divers from Senggigi Night-or Sunsetdives on request + extra-transport)

You just want to snorkel in your holidays? We are pleased to welcome you on our diving boats, you can discover the underwater world in the shallow areas of our dive-sites, while our crew has an eye on you and takes you on-board anytime.

To see details click on the dives you are intersted in.

Fundive with guide

Included in the price is equipment rental and liability insurance. If you stay in Senggigi and would like to dive at the Gilis, we will bring you for a charge of 5 $ per day/person from your hotel to the islands and back. Check our special offers for group and package offers (for example diving for more days or booking of additional courses). Take a look to our packages or contact us!

Price 1 dive 35 $

Nightdive with guide

Explore our reefs in the nighttime! Enjoy a completely different marine life in completely different colors.

Price Surcharge per dive 10 $


Also called "Enriched Air" or "EANx" and already used successfully for 30 years by professional divers, Nitrox allows you to extend your No Decompression Limits. It is nothing else than normal air, in which some of the nitrogen has been replaced by oxygen.

We offer 32% and 36% tanks and help you to choose the best mix for every dive site

Nitrox dives are charged as a normal dive plus the gas upgrade.

EAN surcharge 5 $ per tank

Try Scuba Diving (1 day)

For those who would like to discover the thrills of the underwater world, but who are not yet sure whether they wish to become certified, we provide our introductory dive: Basic diving theory, confined water skills and equipment orientation, 1 open water dive accompanied by a professional Instructor.

Price 65 $

Snorkeltrip from Senggigi to the Gilis

If you're in Senggigi and want to do a snorkel trip to one of the Gili Islands...

Even when you're not diving, there is still a possibility to see the fascinating underwater world of Indonesia: Come snorkeling with us! You go out by diving boat to the reef and you can snorkel there with or without a guide. You visit two different dive sites spending around an hour at each. The prices include transport from Senggigi to the islands and back, equipment and liability insurance.

Children under 10 years pay half price.

Price USD 20.00

Dive Packages

Here you can find some examples of dive packages. Please contact us for special offers/combinations and group offers


All our prices are in USD.

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