New Diving Courses

New Courses


As promised here our new courses......

Sidemount Diver Course:

This course is designed to teach certified divers to safely utilize side - mounted primary cylinders as an alternative option to the traditional back - mounted configuration.

Handicapped Diving courses:

This course is designed to give physically disabled students the necessary skills to safely conduct Open Water Dives in conditons, similiar to their training.

Gas Blender:

This Course provides the training required to allow candidates to competently and safely blend Nitrox Gas. The objective of this course is to train candidates in the proper techniques, equipment requirements and hazards invoved in blending Nitrox Gases for recreational Scuba Diving.

Advanced Gas Blender:

This course enables the successful candidate to engage in the blending of oxygen and helium based gases. The objective of this course is to train the candidates in the proper procedures needed for the preparation and blending of high quality Nitrox and Trimix gases for use in Technical Diving. 

And more courses will come.......