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Dive sites

25 % of all coral reefs on earth are located in Indonesia. Thus, it’s no wonder you can find some of the largest percentages of biodiversity here, comparative to anywhere else on the planet. The 20 or so different dive sites around the Gili islands are a great sample of that biodiversity. While almost all dive sites are suitable for beginners, the dive sites offer an equally exciting underwater world for the experienced diver. All locations are within a 10-20 minute boat ride ensuring that you can make the most of your diving day.

Underwater conditions change throughout the year and although currents are present on the majority of all dive sites, they often vary in strength. For your added safety and comfort we treat every dive as a drift dive, ensuring our experienced boat crew follow you from the surface throughout the dive, and are there ready to collect you as you return to the surface.

Our dive guides and instructors have a wealth of local diving knowledge and are always excited to be in the water with you.

Visibility usually averages around 20 meters but often varies depending on the time of year. With water temperature ranging between 26-30 degrees, often at the warmer end of that scale, you can enjoy diving without the restraints of a thick wetsuit or dry suit.

At nearly all dive sites you can admire our abundance of giant turtles, octopus, stingrays and everybody's favourite: Nemo and Dory!

Dream Diver Tauchplätze

Some of our favourite sites:

Many more sites are waiting for you to dive them and create your own memories!