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Diving the Gili Islands

Dreamdivers can be found on Gili Trawangan and also on Gili Air, two exceptional diving bases which are both just a few minutes from their respective harbors. We have amazing options for everyone who is excited to experience the underwater life of these tropical islands. Our centers maintain a high standard of quality with any activity related to diving and snorkeling, with a specific focus on safety and environmental impact.

Diving on Gili Trawangan

Our biggest diving centre on the islands is located on the main beach of Gili Trawangan, just a few minutes north (to the left when facing the shore) from the main departure/arrival harbour. The resort features a swimming pool for our guests, which also provides a fantastic controlled environment where diving courses are offered daily as a precursor to our adventures in open water. For those already certified, participate in a fun dive or enquire about our range of specialty courses to expand your diving experience.

Our focus is on the quality of the diving that we offer, safe practices, and maximising enjoyment. As such, dive groups are never larger than four people per Instructor or Dive Guide and the composition of the groups will be based on the experience level of divers and type of diving activity being undertaken.

The diving day itself is one of the easiest you'll ever experience. Simply listen to a detailed briefing then put on your wetsuit in the resort, wander across the beach to our boat and find your equipment already assembled with your name clearly displayed.

We pick our daily dive sites based on weather and tide conditions in order to give you the most comfortable and relaxing dive possible. With over 20 fantastic dive sites to choose from on our doorstep, none of them more than a 20 minute boat ride away, we're spoilt for choice and we can assure you that you will have a beautiful day of diving.

After the dive, you can enjoy some complimentary water melon on the short ride back to the resort. You can rest assured that as well as following safe diving practices, we also carry on the boat: 100% oxygen, first-aid kit, emergency phones, life jackets and floating devices, plenty of fresh drinking water and easy access emergency exits.

Remember that our dive centre 'Dream Divers' on Gili Trawangan also manages a resort. So if you are considering diving and also accommodation, you may like to have a look at our Special offers.

Our friendly team looks forward to welcoming you to the island and assisting with any of your needs.

Daily dives


Diving Center Gili Air

Our friendly team looks forward to welcoming you on the island and assisting with any of your Needs.